We at KHA believe that the ability to work with an architect should be available to anyone looking to design their building(s).  Be it a 'tiny home' through to a large commercial complex, the an experienced architectural practice is best equipped to advise and coordinate the required processes and procedures to complete the project successfully: within budget, to schedule, to the highest quality and safely.

Our core services provides our customer with the necessary documents to achieve:

  • Land rezoning

  • Development Permit

  • Building Permit

  • Construction Documentation for tender (Bid) and construction

At KHA, we strive to keep our customer informed every step of the way, so collaboration is important to us, allowing every decision to be an informed one.

Our services are customized to our client's needs as we aim to ensure that efficiency is achieved in time and cost, bust still gaining the best results from our services.


A renovation project can be anything from a kitchen and bathroom to a full demolition with additions.  After a site visit and consultation to determine the scope of work, KHA will be able to determine an accurate fee proposal for their services.  Renovation utilizes our typical design process and a set of deliverables will be established that will meet the customers and the project needs.