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Five City of Edmonton-owned parcels of land at the northeast corner of 112 Avenue and 106 Street in the Spruce Avenue neighbourhood are up for redevelopment. The City solicited proposals from multidisciplinary teams of architects and builders/developers from across Canada and abroad to design a mid-density, multi-unit housing development on these lots.

This type of medium scale housing, which falls between single family homes and high-rises, is commonly referred to as the ‘missing middle’ because it has been largely absent from Edmonton’s urban streetscapes.


The challenge was to submit an innovative design that is not only thoughtful of neighbourhood context, but also economically feasible, responds to local market conditions and advances the design ethic for infill in Edmonton.

A new City Plan is underway to articulate Edmonton’s future growth strategy for 2 million people. A big part of this change will be about increasing housing choices, particularly how we can welcome more people into older neighbourhoods by integrating more housing in the ‘missing middle' range.