The new requirements for urban, modern living has redefined our living environment, transforming communities to be inspired towards sustainability and a more conscious minimalist lifestyle.

KHA believes that the spiritual minimalist view today allows for more flexibility that can accommodate a gamut of expressions, personalities and activities.   As the great Architect Le Corbusier once said:

          "...the more cultivated a person becomes, the more decorations disappear."

When it comes to serving our customers on designing their homes, we spend the extra time beforehand to clarify their needs, routines and desires that is essential and right for them.

We work to help communities last by assisting in creating a built form that inspires the lives of those who may live there.

Every artist finds certain visual possibilities before him, to which he is found.  Not everything is possible at all times

Style like languages, differ in the sequence of articulation and in the number of questions they allow the artist to ask...

Those who try to create new architecture, a free architecture for a free people, anticipate the creation of a new social order...

Architecture is the masterly, correct and magnificent play of volumes brought together in light.