How Do We at KHA Create the Right Vibes for Our Customers? 


Our basic instruments for the design criteria focus on project values, cost, schedule and constructability.  We aim towards cost targets to drive innovation, whilst designing projects that provide optimum value to our customers.

KHA seeks to create an environment that enhances collaboration, innovation, and value.  The Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach is part of our DNA, as we recognize the early involvement of all project stakeholders is essential.   

KHA is Forward Thinking in Our Approach 

We acknowledge that information and communication technology has transformed how the construction industry creates, validates, and shares project information beyond recognition.  Our strengths, due to our proactive nature, are to help reduce lag in the decision making process from weeks to real-time or automated.  With Building Information Modeling (BIM) we provide a structure that presents standard and consistent information management processes.

We encourage the design, engineering, procurement and construction process to be executed twice: once virtually and once in reality.  Virtual design and construction encourages the amalgam of the two disciplines of BIM and Lean, using Lean construction and the Lean project delivery system.  Our integrated approach realizes the Lean agenda, which we are proud to be a proponent of.  By working together as "one body", we encourage the project team(s) to work together.  We communicate in a transparent fashion, effectively review, analyze, and refine the design model(s) and data in a simultaneous manner, rather than the traditional linear and time consuming approach.

KHA are committed to improve the customer experience when it comes managing the design, engineering, procurement and construction projects.  We set the stage for project execution to ensure that our customers experience is nothing but "GOOD VIBRATIONS".