About us

Kelvin Hamilton Architecture Inc. (KHA) with the concept of Zer02Kplans is a modern architectural company specializing in building design and realization. KHA’s specific goal is towards climate neutral buildings. Absolute ZERO is -273K, therefore, the concept Zer02K plans (Z02Kplans) captures the essence and underpins both our ideology and aim: Net Zero Energy Building designs and creative, practical solutions, which is centered upon simplicity.  Such values, initiates a means of ordering and defining quality built environments. Our plan focuses on construction economics, energy efficiency, aesthetics as well as usability in everyday life.

Sustainable architecture is about designing sensitively towards our built environment throughout the whole project life-cycle.  By creating Residential and Commercial developments that limit the detrimental impacts on the environment, a planned set of processes and procedures need to be implemented to achieve the end goal.

KHA is an Architectural Practice that believes in buildingSMART and holds an international approach not only to collaborative design but also to the delivery, operation, and maintenance of assets.  Our foundation is upon open standards and workflows.  We are committed to open standards and engagement with the whole team across the life of a project.  Here is where our success in project execution lies.